In 2018, scientists discovered a network of fluid-filled spaces surrounded by connective tissue throughout our body, labeled the interstitium – a finding that is transforming the way we deal with pain, stiffness and mobility. One such advancement is the emerging art of connective tissue restoration. We are pioneering this life-changing approach to eliminating aches, pains and mobility issues not fixed by surgery, physical therapy or bodywork. We invite you to learn more about RELIEF™ and its potential to return you to your life before pain and stiffness. The best part…no surgery, medication, stem cells or downtime.

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Pioneering the art of connective tissue restoration

Intuitive Interventions has pioneered the art of RELIEF® (real-time, echo, located, interventional, epineural, fibrolysis) which resets and restores the body to a pre-injury state without surgery, medication or downtime. Led by highly sought-after anesthesiologist and inventor, Dr. Abhinav Gautam is renowned for his expert tissue restoration skills, charming bedside manner and natural and long lasting results.

“Had I known 15 years ago about Dr. Gautam’s technique it would have changed the way I practiced spinal medicine”.

- Former Director University of Pennsylvania Spine Center

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