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The co-founder of Intuitive Interventions, Christian Seale, was an honored guest of the Single Soul Purpose Podcast. He was featured in the episode titled The Magic of Fascia “+”: A New Modality that Optimizes YOUR Performance & Wellness.

The host of the podcast, Jennifer Watson, asked Christian to join her in an episode to discuss fascia and interstitial fluid. Since it was a podcast dedicated to physical, mental, and spiritual growth for the individual, it came naturally for Christian to accept the invitation and discuss Relief®, the new way to heal the body from the inside out.

In the episode, Christian and Jennifer talk about the connection between fascia and pain, lack of mobility, and stiffness, and this natural way to remodel and restore facial tissue to improve function and decrease pain.

“We spent the past 2.5 years looking to push the envelope on things the medical world said weren’t treatable. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional,” said Christian in the episode.

Additionally, Christian shared stories from top performers to everyday people who restored their mobility and freedom through facial restoration.

Here is the full episode. Listen and get inspired to improve and maximize your life!

Through the Single Soul Purpose podcast, the host Jennifer Watson advocates for mental growth health and post-traumatic growth. With spiritual and intuitive management and contextual and science-based information from prominent experts, Jennifer aims to help people shift their mindset around singlehood and mental health.

All episodes are available for listening here.