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Frustrated by having spent thousands of dollars, years of your life and still obtained no results. Tried surgery, physical therapy, chiropractors, massage therapists, and stem cells to relieve your chronic pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility? Us too which is why we developed RELIEF™ (real-time, echo, located, interventional, epineural, fibrolysis): to deal with the root cause of your problem and catalyze the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Let us tell you our story. 

Trained as an anesthesiologist at LSU, Dr. Abhinav Gautam practiced and taught at the University of Miami/Jackson Hospital and then moved into private practice. He would see patients come in every single day with chronic issues severely affecting the quality of their lives. Many times, he would see the same patients come in over and over again without any results. 

He soon came to see that the medical profession too often manages symptoms rather than treating the root causes, and in many cases resorts to invasive surgery which can have irreversible side effects. 

No one was actually getting better. He wanted to do something to help these patients and didn’t want to see them coming back every week to get more pain-killers pumped into their system. 

He partnered with healthcare investor Christian Seale to create Intuitive Interventions. Mr. Seale shares Dr. Gautam’s desire to transform health and lives after three distinct and avoidable events left him equally frustrated with the medical status quo. First, he lost his grandmother to a misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer. Second, his father lost an eye after a transcription error after a cataract surgery which wrongly sent him home without solving the infection. Third, Mr. Seale received a $17,300 bill after an ER visit in NYC for a dislocated pinky which in comparison to the $53 bill he received in Barranquilla, Colombia for a 24 ER stay, highlighted the absurdity of US healthcare. 

Determined to treat each patient as a member of our family and manage their most important asset we developed RELIEF™ to solve pain, stiffness and mobility issues not solved by other modalities and get patients back to their favorite activities within days not months. 

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and in the meantime, you can hear from our patients by clicking here: https://i2i.md/patient_reviews/