Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof.com, has a personal moonshot: to live to 180 years old — and he might just succeed. In addition to being the author behind the BulletProof Diet (hyperlink), Game Changers (hyperlink) and SuperHuman(hyperlink) among numerous other books and publications Dave has spent at least $1 million “hacking his own biology,” becoming a leader in the field after once weighing 300 pounds. 

With over 200 million downloads for the world’s #1 biohacking podcast, BulletProof Radio (hyperlink) Dave interviews the leading-edge technology to upgrade and optimize the human body. 

In this episode, Dave interviews Co-Founder of Intuitive Interventions Christian Seale (commonly known as I2I.MD) to discuss the largest organ in the body you’ve probably never heard of – and their RELIEF™ treatment. 

In 2018, scientists discovered this network of fluid-filled spaces surrounded by connective tissue — the interstitium — which they previously thought to be a dense wall of collagen. 

Dave and Christian discuss the importance of this highway in the body and its implication in pain, mobility, stiffness, and pliability and even aging and with the following topics:

  • ScarMap™– a scoring system for soft tissue utilizing ultrasound and artificial intelligence when a patient performs the activities that cause the most discomfort. 
  • RELIEF™ — a breakthrough and natural treatment for pain, mobility and stiffness issues used by the top performers and athletes in the world such as Tony Robbins, Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera, Red Sox Legend David Ortiz, WNBA Standout Candace Parker and many more.
  • Synesthesia and the role of vibrations and sound in the healing process as the inventor behind RELIEF™ Dr. Abhinav Gautam (Dr. G) produces the music he sees via the Seeing Sounds record label.

Please enjoy!

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