Difference between RELIEF® and Stem Cells treatment

Do you remember from biology class that your skin is the largest organ in the body?

Well, guess what, in 2018 researchers at NYU Langone found out that there is one even larger. They call it the interstitium.

Previously thought to be a dense wall of collagen, the interstitium is a fluid-filled highway that connects us from head to toe. It’s responsible for ion diffusion, cellular protein transport, and is the primary source of lymph, and how our body deals with waste. The layer is extremely innervated meaning it has lots of nerves that travel through it and when jammed up, it has implications for pain and mobility issues.
Source: Scientific Reports. March 27, 2018



RELIEF® is a natural approach to restoring the interstitium so all that good stuff can travel freely across your body.


A breakthrough approach for pain, mobility, and stiffness issues used by top performers and athletes in the world such as Tony Robbins, Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera, Red Sox Legend David Ortiz, WNBA Standout Candace Parker among many others.

RELIEF® is not another stem cell treatment. It’s not surgery, PRP, or a cortisone shot. RELIEF® is a natural approach to restoring the interstitium so all that good stuff can travel freely across your body.

Who likes being in rush hour traffic anyway? No one. And definitely, not your interstitium. Just like traffic on the highway when the interstitium is jammed up, think scar tissue or entrapped nerves. it may result in pain, limited mobility, or stiffness. Take a look at the traffic jam.

As this layer is responsible for the diffusion and transport of nutrients throughout the body and elimination of debris, you can imagine how blockages can cause issues.

Imagine a stem cell trying to make its way through the traffic jam -- it won’t have anywhere to go. Stem cells are commonly referred to as the body’s repair system and there are lots of data proving they may well be.

Source: Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide: How Stem Cells Are Disrupting Medicine and Transforming Lives

Yet, without being able to travel freely they may not reach their destination, let alone achieve their full repair potential.

You may have heard of myofascial massage, Graston, trigger point or other techniques. Those all try to fix the traffic jam from the outside in.
RELIEF® takes a different approach clearing the traffic jam from the inside out, eliminating scar tissue, freeing entrapped nerves, and restoring the interstitial layer to its original state.

Look at the free-flowing interstitial highway below. It is much closer to how the interstitium should look, a clearly distinguishable and freely flowing highway. That is the goal of RELIEF®, to restore the compromised area back to its original state. Now repair agents have a clear highway to get to their destination and do what they do the best, repair.

RELIEF® also focuses on restoring soft tissue to its original and healthy state. Think of healthy tissue, like a layer cake. Nicely organized.

Injury, surgery, poor biomechanics and posture, immobilization may damage the tissue and lay down scar. Think of a picket fence.

RELIEF® breaks up the picket fence and adds volume back to the interstitial space to reconstitute the body’s highway. See below real-time how RELIEF® eliminates the scarred and damaged tissue.

Tiny nerves that travel across this layer can become ensnared or adhesed, and while out of place, may add to the discomfort in the form of sharp, shooting pain.

RELIEF® frees these nerves so they get back in the right place.

As biohacking guru Dave Asprey said, with RELIEF® we improve soft tissue health performance, and it seems like RELIEF® could be used before or any procedure to make it work better.

Tony Robbins who owns a stem cell company echoed similar sentiments:
“Stem cells are phenomenal for making a change in the body, though the level of precious of RELIEF® is remarkable...all I can say is do it!"

Like Tony and Dave Asprey, RELIEF® is used for many people that already have had stem cells or are considering them. The healing potential of stem cells has been well documented, yet our patients tell us the results are sporadic and mixed.

RELIEF® was born out of the belief that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. We have developed a treatment that makes both pain and suffering optional. The results of our patients show that only one RELIEF® treatment can lead to an 80% improvement.

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