A natural approach for stiffness, pain and mobility issues



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RELIEF® restores your body by eliminating scarred tissue and freeing entrapped nerves

RELIEF® works across your body's interstitium. Recently named the largest organ, the interstitium connects us from head to toe. This fluid-filled highway system is responsible for the transport of nutrients throughout the body and the elimination of waste.

Disorganized, scarred or damaged tissue and entrapped nerves across this layer may cause agonizing pain and stiffness.

RELIEF® restores the layer to its natural and healthy state.

"After RELIEF®, I started to see the difference. The pain was going away, and I started to move better. I started to live my life like I wanted to live it – happy."

— Miguel Cabrera, Triple Crown Winner

What makes RELIEF® a better approach?

RELIEF® has helped hundreds of the world's top performers, athletes and weekend warriors take back control of their bodies and live life to the fullest.

  • no surgery
  • no downtime
  • no medications
  • no stem cells

Why is the interstitium important?

Designated by researchers at NYU Langone in 2018 as the largest organ the interstitium is responsible for ion diffusion, cellular protein transport, and is the primary source of lymph, how our body deals with waste.

The issue may be in your soft tissue

Injury, surgery, poor biomechanics of posture, and immobilization may lead to scar tissue and nerves may become entrapped in the damaged tissue. RELIEF® eliminates scar tissue, frees nerves that have become ensnared, and restores the interstitial space to its free-flowing and natural state.

RELIEF® does not use stem cells

Imagine a car trying to make its way through the traffic jam - it won’t have anywhere to go. Stem cells are commonly referred to as the body’s repair system. Yet, without being able to travel freely they may not reach their destination, let alone achieve their full repair potential. RELIEF® does not use stem cells. Instead, RELIEF® deals with the traffic jam, scarred tissue and adhesed nerves, so the body is better equipped to restore itself to a healthy and natural state.

What is RELIEF®?

Rather than working blindly from the outside or too invasively on the inside, RELIEF® utilizes 3D mapping software and ultrasound imaging to pinpoint the root cause of your issue and then restores the body from the inside out. It identifies the root cause of your issue. It’s not surgery,

Hear from our patients why RELIEF® is a better approach

As biohacking guru Dave Asprey said, with RELIEF® soft tissue health is improved and could be used before or after any procedure to make it work better.

Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins who owns a stem cell company echoed similar sentiments, "the level of precision of RELIEF® and immediacy of its results are remarkable...all I can I say is do it!"

“I wish I could have met Dr. Gautam a year before I retired, I probably would have played another year or two.”

— David Ortiz, Red Sox Legend