Abbas Zaidi is a Goldman Sachs trader, and former skeptic of RELIEF® therapy turned happy believer. After experiencing shoulder pain and a severe restriction of motion for almost seven years, Abbas was at a loss as to how to solve his painful issue.

In his search for a solution, Abbas had visited several different doctors, and they all recommended the same treatment – labral repair surgery. Abbas rejected this solution due to the long rehabilitation time required and the possibility that he may have to wear a sling.

“It’s been a God-send for me, especially someone who suffered from shoulder pain and restriction of motion for probably the better part of seven years. It was quite liberating.”

“Doctors had told me that the only way to heal my shoulder was to do a labral repair surgery which would require me to go have rehab for about six months or so, and my arm would be in a sling. That’s an option that wasn’t really available for me, given that I type on a keyboard every single day, and I have to use my arms and hands to do my job,” said Abbas in his testimonial.

Abbas was initially skeptical of what Dr. Gautum could do for his chronic condition. However, after Dr. Gautam explained the treatment to him, and after spending seven years in agonizing pain, Abbas decided to proceed with the RELIEF® therapy.

He was pleasantly surprised by his physical reaction to the procedure, which immediately resulted in doubling his range of motion. 

The pain had also subsided, leaving Abbas capable of activities he had not been able to complete for years like bench pressing and pushups. 

“I thought strengthening wasn’t going to work for me, but until I got the procedure done. I couldn’t do a bench press. I couldn’t do lots of pushups. Now I can do 25 pushups, and I can bench like I used to be able to bench all without pain, all with increased range of motion.”

Abbas, thank you for trusting Intuitive Interventions with an issue that has severely impacted your life. We’re delighted to see you doing better than you thought possible, and wish for your continued health and success.