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Albert Muzaurieta came to our office looking for a solution to not just one, but four problematic and painful areas that he had been experiencing long-term.  

“I arrived at the clinic with pain in my two hips, my left knee and right shoulder.”

That pain, he explains, is pain that he had been grappling with for over 20 years, following a lumbar laminectomy in his L4 & L5.

A lumbar laminectomy is a surgical procedure also referred to as decompression, that creates space in the spinal canal by removing parts, or in some cases all of the lamina.  

Although success rates are generally favorable, there are cases like Albert’s in which a patient may still experience pain immediately following the surgery or enjoy a period of time that is satisfactory before a resurgence of pain occurs.

After going through such an invasive surgery, Albert came to Intuitive Interventions many years later looking for an alternative that would provide him with lasting results without the sacrifice of his mobility and time. Albert wanted to be able to play with his kids more and just enjoy everyday life.

Due to the number of treatment areas and in order to ensure each area was given the attention needed, Albert received his RELIEF® treatment over the course of several days and was able to see a tremendous difference in that short time. Albert’s shoulder felt great after one treatment, and he ended up getting his knee and hips done as well. He even brought his mom and his grandmother Maria Tonarely in for the visit.

“I feel fantastic. Best I’ve felt in 20 years!” is Albert’s testament to the power of RELIEF® therapy!

He eagerly expresses his appreciation for Dr. Abhinav Gautam, Geoff and the In2itive Interventions family for providing him with an opportunity to find relief in a way that he was sure he would not be able to. 

“It feels amazing. I feel 10 years younger,” says Albert.

We’re pleased to hear that we’ve been able to help Albert in such an impactful way and restore his body to the state it should be in – free of pain and injury.