Chad Ehrenkran is an attorney and partner at Kirkland Ellis. His specialty lies in providing counsel for major healthcare acquisitions, with a focus on transactional, regulatory, and enforcement related matters. He is also extensively knowledgeable in issues of compliance and corporate practice as it relates to the medical industry.

As a result of his high level of expertise, Chad has built a reputation as one of the most sought after councils, representing clients at both national and international levels.

Though Chad’s core specialty is the healthcare sector, he provides legal counsel in other areas such as private equity funds, strategic investors, and venture capital.

Before he built a career as a full-time attorney, Chad was a hockey player and goalie. Unfortunately, due to the high-contact nature of this sport, Chad’s knees were both damaged. He tore his ACL and damaged the cartilage in both knees. His life became severely impacted by the painful condition.

“RELIEF® therapy has eliminated a significant amount of the damage and pain.”

At the time when the injury occurred, almost 20 years ago, Chad found a way to cope with most of the pain and discomfort in his knees. However, he was no longer able to do his regular exercise routine. Unfortunately, over time, Chad started experiencing the same issues, and he decided to put a stop to his knee pain finally.

Chad came to Intuitive Interventions hoping to increase the mobility in his knees and relieve the knee pain. As a result of the knee injury, his life lifestyle has significantly changed. Now, Chad spends most of his time sitting in his office, which additionally impacts the flexibility and mobility of the knees.

“I’m an attorney, which means I spend a lot of time sitting in one place and tend not to move around quite a bit, which has its impacts on me from a physical perspective.”

After receiving RELIEF® therapy, Chad was pleasantly surprised by the results and the effect on his daily well-being.

“After seeing the doctor and having the injections break up the scar tissue, it allowed me to have a lot of mobility in my knees and relieved a lot of pain and discomfort, which allows me to move around a bit more. Even though I’m stationary a good amount of the time, it has eliminated a significant amount of the damage and pain.”

We’re glad to have resolved an issue that has been bothering Chad for nearly 20 years. Chad, thank you for trusting us to improve the way you feel through our revolutionary therapy!