Chris Reichenbaum is an East-coast born artist who splits her time between Greenwich, CT and Miami Beach, FL, where she maintains a full-time art studio. After a 20-year career in real estate, she turned her sights to abstract art.

Being an artist at heart her whole life, Chris enrolled in various drawing and painting classes that only encouraged her to devote herself to the Abstract art. In her work, Chris tends to incorporate vivid colors, as well as circles and squares, as she believes they represent different life dynamics.

Chris is a self-taught artist that has perfected her craft over the years while maintaining a full-time career. She has had her work displayed around the world in numerous galleries and exhibitions, from Wynwood to Tokyo.

“I’ve had two sessions, and almost immediately, I felt a lightness about my whole being.”

Chris came to Intuitive Interventions because of chronic pain and tension in her neck. As a child, Chris had a terrible car accident that left her with chronic issues such as military neck and a slipped vertebrae. Chris found out about Intuitive Interventions through a friend who had seen miraculous results from Dr. Gautam’s techniques and felt motivated to see if they might also work for her.

“A friend of mine who’s an artist who could not lift her arm any higher than this went to Dr. Gautam, and now she has complete free-range, and he’s working on her hands that were basically crippled from arthritis,“ says Chris in her testimonial.

As a painter, she often works on large canvases. She has seen a change in her body’s reaction to being in difficult positions for long durations. After only two sessions, Chris has experienced something she never believed she would. She is now able to comfortably create art without the agonizing tension that affected her life and work for years. 

When asked about her experience with Dr. Gautam, Chris candidly expressed her satisfaction and gratitude for his miraculous work and professional demeanor.

“Dr. Gautam is really interested in making you healthy and whole. He’s full of life, and he’s a very interesting person. He’s different, and he absolutely cares. He has a wonderful bedside manner. He explains everything, as I said, through the whole process, and he’s really excited about making people feel good. That’s his goal. 100% I think it’s nothing short of a miracle, that’s what I think,” she explains.

We are beyond words to say how happy we are that Chris’s neck is no longer an issue and that she can finally express herself through her art with no pain.