Christian Harrison is a professional tennis player from Bradenton, Florida who, as you might imagine, is more prone than most to injury due to the high level of exertion that his body experiences regularly.   

As an athlete, he is constantly challenging the limitations of his body which requires a heightened level of attention and care to keep it functioning optimally.  We’re glad that Christian found his way to In2itive Interventions after experiencing chronic pain in multiple areas within his body.

Christian had been grappling with problems in his plantar plate for the last year and a half – though the pain had been on and off, it was still a major cause for concern to Christian, whose ability to train and compete relies heavily on the health and functionality of his feet.

Furthermore, Christian had been experiencing a pulling sensation in his hip that was an immediate warning sign to him that something was not normal.

Though Christian was aware that he would need to find a solution, he expressed his concern over the length of recovery times for most procedures, a stark reality that had left him in search of a better alternative.

After receiving  RELIEF® therapy, Christian was out on the tennis courts training a mere 30 minutes post treatment, an astonishing feat he admitted, when you consider potential recovery times.

“The thing I love is it’s not something where I had to commit 6 weeks, 7 weeks, or even longer,” Christian shared openly.

Like Christian, we understand just how valuable time is and what lengthy recovery times can mean for the lives of our patients that are competitive athletes – more time away from the sport you love and missed opportunities to develop your game.

For the first time in 6-7 years, Christian is able to move through his day without being impacted by ongoing pain.  This was an immediate difference felt shortly after receiving RELIEF® therapy from Dr. Abhinav Gautam.

Christian took the time out of his training schedule to experience our pain-free, life-changing therapy and it has already been successful in upgrading his physical condition.  If you’re a high-performance athlete looking for a better way to heal your body, schedule a consultation today to see if RELIEF® therapy could be the answer you’re looking for.