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Crystal Arnold came to us on a sunny Miami day experiencing symptoms that were certainly not the sunniest.  She came to us all the way from Dallas, Texas hoping to find an answer to the knee pain, hip pain and shoulder pain she had been experiencing.

The severity of the pain had hindered her in various areas of her life –  preventing her from sleeping comfortably on her right side, working out without experiencing a painful cracking in her knee, and engaging in activities she most enjoys, like skiing, for a considerable amount of time.

While her experience with her injuries first began due to a skiing accident at 16, the pain has morphed over the years when combined with wear and tear from other high impact activities.  

Although Crystal came to Intuitive Interventions with painful issues that have persisted for more than a decade, she brought wonderful energy and level of optimism into her session with Dr. Abhinav Gautam.

Through her trust in his quality of care, she remained calm during the procedure, despite her previous bad experiences with needles that certainly impacted her.  She was noticeably relaxed during her treatment, a testament to Dr. Gautam’s careful and gentle mannerisms.

Crystal’s positive attitude, partnered with Dr. Gautam’s ability to listen intently and comprehend the full picture of her symptoms, resulted in an outcome that will change Crystal’s life for the better, allowing her to resume an active lifestyle.

“Now, when I do a squat it doesn’t crack it all which is amazing. That hasn’t happened in more than 10 years.”

Because of the mindful and intentional bedside manner for which he is best known, on top of his level of precision and expertise, Dr. Gautam was able to successfully address and end the pain Crystal was experiencing for such a large portion of her life.

We could not be more proud of the results we were able to achieve for Crystal and we look forward to seeing her resume Orange Theory and the other activities she enjoys.

Crystal, thank you for working with us to improve your health and well-being.