Daryl Thompson took time out of his busy schedule to fly from the West coast all the way to tropical Miami, but it wasn’t to vacation, catch a glimpse of our unique art deco architecture, or indulge in the never ending selection of nightclubs.

What brought Daryl to Miami was simple.  He had been experiencing pain throughout various parts of his body –  his knee, shoulders, left hip and right lower back.  

During a recent MRI, he’d been informed of a full thickness tear in his supra senatis, which had resulted in limited flexibility in his shoulder on top of a worrisome popping and cracking during movement.

That pain had culminated into a decision that Daryl made to change the painful reality he had grown accustomed to.

Daryl walked into our offices with a long list of injuries. We’re glad to say that we helped him to walk out with considerably less. Daryl was thrilled at the results he felt after just one RELIEF® treatment, noting the major improvement to the range of motion in his knee.

“I can’t believe how well my knee moves without the pain that it had earlier today. It’s just amazing.”

Following his treatment, he was eager to hop off the table to see the results of RELIEF® therapy in action.  He took a long, deep stretch and felt the noticeable difference in areas that had been problematic. Due to the significant changes in the way Daryl felt, it was as if the clock had been turned back by 10 years! 

“My experience with Dr. Abhi Gautam was amazing, expressed Daryl candidly. “I’m really happy that I came and got the treatment.”

We are also pleased to have had a chance to improve Daryl’s health and well-being at In2itive Interventions. Thank you for trusting us with such an important task – to restore your body to a pre-injury state, free of pain.