David Silverman is the CEO of NFM Lending. In 2016, he was named by Mortgage Executive Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives.

Under his leadership, the company he founded has grown from a tiny corner office with three employees to an accomplished, multi-state lender with more than 400 employees.

As a loyal supporter and benefactor for charity, David incorporates various community initiatives into the core of his business practices. He donates a portion of every loan he receives to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Baltimore.

“I just feel balanced now, like my feet are under me, it’s crazy.”

Nearly two decades ago, David tore his ACL. He had been struggling with stiffness and swelling ever since. Even though he had six surgeries, he had never felt an improvement in his knee.

“Surgery back then was a little bit antiquated. I never really got a great result.”

As an athlete, not being able to enjoy his favorite activities was hugely disturbing. Looking for a permanent solution, David learned about Intuitive Interventions. After his discussion with Dr. Gautam, David was intrigued to try the RELIEF® therapy.

“He described that the hope is that we unhinge, or get nerves that are impinged, stuck in the scar tissue, to be relieved,” explained David in his testimonial.

In the days following his RELIEF® therapy, David was thrilled by the new level to which he could now enjoy his life.

“Then, all of a sudden was like – wow, this is crazy. I was spending an entire day on the golf course – no stiffness, no swelling. It’s amazing.”

Furthermore, David is now able to go to the gym and do all the hard work that he was avoiding for the past twenty years.

“I go hard at the gym – hard squats, hard leg stuff, stuff that I would stay away from, or stuff that I would favor one side versus the injured side.”We’re grateful to have played a role in the return of a life-long athlete to the activities he most enjoys. We are honored to have had the opportunity to improve his health.