At Intuitive Interventions, we see patients from all backgrounds with a range of symptoms. Every experience is a unique chance to help those living with pain find relief.

We are always eager to assist all of our patients, but treating our peers in the healthcare industry offers an opportunity for feedback that not everyone can give.

We know that medical professionals abide by many of the same intentions that we have set for our own clinic, to help those in need. 

Recently, we were elated to treat Dr. Chris Lee for shoulder pain. He is a practicing chiropractor who has also been studying neuroscience and neurology for the last 3 years professionally.

Dr. Lee came to visit our office from Hilton Head, South Carolina. He was astounded by his experience with Dr. Abhinav Gautam and praised RELIEF® therapy as a revolutionary technology.

“The process was effortless, the Doc was amazing and even now a few minutes after, I feel extraordinary,” he explained candidly.

Dr. Lee could not believe the speed at which RELIEF® was able to catalyze a process that would typically take 6-9 months without interference.

He also applauded Dr. Gautam’s ability to provide thorough explanations throughout the procedure. This helped him to feel safe, relaxed, and informed.

When combined with Intuitive Interventions’ extraordinary culture, Dr. Gautam’s bedside manner created an environment that felt familial and welcoming.

Dr. Lee was certain he’d made the right call when deciding to visit Intuitive Interventions. After experiencing shoulder pain for two years, he was adamant about the benefits of preventative treatment. 

“Get this work done before the body starts screaming at you,” he advises. Respond early to pain signals to keep your body feeling healthy and functioning smoothly.

 At Intuitive Interventions, we look forward to helping you meet and exceed your health expectations through our selection of treatments and services. Call us today and schedule your consultation to optimize your health!