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Elvin Sew had been experiencing pain that is common to the average person due to his nature of work and many hours spent sitting at a computer. To further compound his issue, Elvin travels frequently, which has certainly impacted the ongoing tension he feels in both his back and his neck.

Elvin came to our offices from Malaysia, seeking a resolution that could restore the daily comfort that years of work-related activities had stripped him of enjoying. He was looking to recover the freedom of range in his neck and back that his busy schedule as a CEO had taken away from him.

As the owner of multiple companies in Malaysia, his activities will likely not change in the foreseeable future, so it was important for him to find a solution that would provide lasting results.

When asked about the nature in which his treatment had improved his symptoms, he was impressed by his improved range of movement and the dissolution of stiffness that had traveled with him to his initial appointment with Dr. Abhinav Gautam.

“I feel amazing. The whole neck area is so relieved right now so I can just move easily and fluidly.”

We’re pleased to know that the pain that brought Elvin to Int2itive Interventions did not leave with him upon his departure from our office.  

Dr. Gautam was able to establish a trusting relationship with Elvin, much like he has done with prior patients and deliver an experience that is not just successful, but guided by the utmost attention to care.

“Dr. Gautam is such a cool guy.  He’s amazing. Highly recommended that you guys do it,” Elvin expressed with a sincere demeanor.

RELIEF® therapy was successful in freeing Elvin of the physically limiting back and neck pain that he had been grappling with. Like, Elvin, if you have experienced similar symptoms due to long hours spent sitting – whether due to traveling, work, or both – Int2itive Interventions can help restore the condition of your body before injury.

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