Eugene Monroe is a former American football player who played seven seasons in the National Football League. His professional career started with the Jacksonville Jaguars after he was selected 8th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft.

After three years with the jaguars, Monroe transferred to the Baltimore Ravens. With his exceptional game with this team, he quickly established himself as a dominant offensive force, starting in 62 games of the 65 in which he played.

He retired in 2016, and he openly discussed the physical toll that football takes on the body and its immense effect on the brain. According to his public statement, he withdrew from the game early due to neurological health concerns.

Monroe has also attracted attention with his endorsement of the medical use of cannabis in treatment for injuries sustained on the field. He firmly believed that cannabis is a suitable and much-needed replacement to the industry-wide over-prescription of addictive opioids. As a board member for the NFLPA Pain Management Committee, he is a staunch supporter of improving healthcare and pain management practices to the benefit of players.

“How good this makes you feel so rapidly without it sounding like magic or like something that’s not real?”

Looking for a medical solution for the multiple injuries he sustained, Monroe found Intuitive Interventions. He visited the office hoping to have finally found the relief for his pain. Unfortunately, both his right and left labrums have been torn more several times throughout his college and pro careers, resulting in an ongoing stiffness and tension in his neck.

“During my time, I injured both of my shoulders. I had surgery on my left one twice, and it’s still causing me some problems. My neck’s really been bound down because of it, and now it’s like, free,” says Monroe.

After he met Dr. Gautam, he decided to let him help with the RELIEF® therapy. During the treatment, Monroe was impressed that he was able to witness the entire process. He had the opportunity to see inside his body, get a clear view of his connective tissue and better understand what was going on inside his body.

“I was able to look at the machine and see that the machine that they’re using shows you all of the layers of your tissues – all your connective tissues in your muscle.”

Moreover, not only that he was able to see the problem go away, but he also immediately felt the pain decreasing.

“You can also, during the procedure, see a syringe going in and putting a solution into the areas that appear really bright and very different. You can tell that they’re signaling information. During the process, you just see it go away, and you feel it go away too.”

For Eugene, the process felt like something magical, but the effects were real. The rapid improvement to his well-being and flexibility called for some updates to his regular workout routine.

“I was even able to get some increased range out of it like bringing my shoulder all the way up to my ear. I went and did snatches this morning with basically just the bar, but I was able to get it over my head.”

Eugene, we’re thankful for the opportunity to provide the relief you had been hoping to experience for years and grateful that pain is no longer part of your life.