Ira Lang is a valued patient of Intuitive Interventions who had been experiencing severe sciatic pain that ran from his right hip down to his right calf. As he describes in his video testimonial, that was the most painful experience in his life.

“A little over a year ago, I had some very bad sciatic pain that ran from my right hip all the way down to my right calf. It’s the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life.”

As an avid skier, Ira was devastated when his pain elevated to a level that prevented him from enjoying his favorite hobby. He was unable to engage in ordinary activities such as walking or running without pain, let alone participate in more physically taxing activities to which he was accustomed.

In his efforts to put a stop to the excruciating pain, Ira tried almost every pain killer available. After a while, when nothing seemed to be working, he decided to take more serious actions. He searched for an alternative to the cocktail of pain medications he had been prescribed and found Intuitive Interventions.

During his appointment with Dr. Gautam, he felt comfortable and at peace with the treatment Dr. Gautam introduced. Moreover, Dr. Gautam carefully guided Ira through the extraordinary RELIEF® therapy. He thoroughly explained how the treatment could completely transform the level of pain Ira had been feeling.

Ira’s treatment had several phases. Dr. Gautam injected fluid first into his hip, then into the back of his leg, and at the end, into his calf. Shortly after the first treatment, Ira felt that the level of pain significantly decreased.

“Over a relatively short period, maybe 4-7 days after each treatment, the pain slowly went away.”

After the full course of treatment, Ira is back to running and skiing, feeling no pain or discomfort.

“I can do anything I could do before. Skiing, Hiking, running, anything I could do before, I can do now. Complete recovery,” says Ira in his video testimonial.

A few weeks after his treatment, Ira called Dr. Gautam from Saint Moritz, Switzerland, while skiing with his son to share how energetic he felt.

We are motivated by stories like Ira’s to continue with our efforts to restore the quality of life to our patients. We’re thrilled to know that Ira is back on the slopes with no pain, enjoying what he loves most!