A true veteran and visionary in the real estate world, Jay Parker is the CEO of luxury real estate firm, Douglas Elliman Florida. He has served in that capacity since 2013. During his time with the company, he has successfully expanded into markets in Miami, Jupiter, Palm Beach, and St. Petersburg, with 22 offices and over 1,100 agents.

His ability to forge strategic partnerships has allowed for international expansion into more than 60 countries, which has solidified the presence of the Douglas Elliman brand in the luxury real estate market. 

Jay has shown a genuine commitment to forward progression and development. His high level of performance and leadership have granted him a membership to a prestigious, invitation-only real estate community, the Forbes Real Estate Council.

“I was introduced to Dr. Abhi, and I have to tell you the results were simply beyond my wildest dreams.”

A year ago, Jay began experiencing painful problems with his arm. Suddenly, he wasn’t able to lift the arm above the shoulder. As a physically active and energetic person, Jay found the newly developed condition extremely troublesome.

After he met Dr. Gautam and the RELIEF® therapy, Jay decided to proceed with Dr. Gautam’s recommendations. Jay was immensely impressed by the simplicity and the effectiveness of the treatment.

“This was a treatment that was beyond my wildest expectations. The treatment procedure was very simple, easy, and relatively noninvasive, with great bedside manner, and I couldn’t recommend this to more people more aggressively than I’m telling you right now,” explains Jay.

One year after his first treatment, Jay has gained complete mobility of the shoulder, and he is almost back to feeling as strong as before his problem occurred.

“I have complete mobility of my shoulder, my strength has continued to increase – I’m pressing over 80 pounds above my head now pretty regularly, and if not for my own failure in skiing, aptly, I would have never had any more pain, but the pain’s gone away.”

We could not be happier to hear of the significant strides Jay has made in his recovery and wish him continued wellness.