Imagine not being able to participate in an enjoyable activity like playing baseball with your child. This was the case for our patient, Joe Aldegeur who suffered from shoulder tendonitis, an inflammation of the tissue surrounding the shoulder. Scar tissue buildup further compounded his problems with stiffness and loss of mobility.

Joe’s son became frustrated with the limitations of his father’s injured shoulder. This compelled Joe to take action and find a new approach to an old injury. He wanted to be active with his children in a sport they loved. 

“As a dad with two sons, throwing a baseball is pretty important,” he explained.

He found Intuitive Interventions through a search online and scheduled a consultation to see if RELIEF® could improve his life the way that it had improved others.

Once he arrived at our office, Joe was impressed to find a staff that was so welcoming and friendly that they made him feel like family.

He described that our own Dr. Abhinav Gautam felt like a lost cousin due to his warm bedside manner and relaxed nature. 

He was also pleased by his exercises with our movement specialist, Orlany Perez. She recommended a continued exercise program for Joe to improve his flexibility overtime.

Given Joe’s delight with his experience, it’s hard to believe that he initially felt unsure whether to proceed. “I was very apprehensive initially, because you hear a lot of stuff and I’ve tried everything,” he admitted. 

We’re glad that he still decided to visit our office because that has made all the difference for him. Now that his shoulder range of motion has returned, he’s back to throwing pitches that meet his son’s expectations.

You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control your reaction. Today make a decision that will improve your quality of life. Schedule your initial consultation today!