Juan Pablo Capello came to Intuitive Interventions looking for a final solution to issues like creaky elbow and shoulder tendinitis, which had resulted in stiffness due to the swelling of surrounding tissues.

Though prior ineffective experiences had left him unsure whether there was a remedy for the pain he was feeling in his shoulder and elbow, Juan decided to give RELIEF® therapy a try, under the care of Dr. Abhinav Gautam.

After having stem cells injected into both his elbow and shoulder, in addition to another procedure in New York, Juan found himself at Intuitive Interventions, curious as to whether we would be successful in improving his physical condition in a way that his prior procedures had not been.

Though he came in curious, he walked out of our offices impressed by the transformation provided by RELIEF® therapy, helping him to feel more youthful and energetic.

“I feel…well at my age 10 years younger is easy, maybe 20.”

During Juan’s procedure, Dr. Gautam was completely transparent, showing him before and after ultrasounds and explaining in detail the process. According to Juan, that level of openness was one that he found admirable and one that he admitted helped him remain at ease.

“It logically made sense. It wasn’t smoke and mirrors.”

We understand the importance of clear communication at In2itive Interventions and strive to create experiences that not only allow our patients to feel comfortable, but also to trust us with what is most important – their health.

We’re happy to have provided a smooth experience for Juan, helping to remedy an issue that he had been forced to endure for too long.