Kenny McCraney is the Director of Player Programs for the Miami Heat, where he proudly plays a significant role for 21 seasons.

A Miami native, Kenny serves as the initial ambassador to incoming players, helping them to adjust to the South Florida community and become immersed within the Heat culture. Moreover, he is responsible for developing and carrying out programs and services that assist in the social, personal, and professional development of all players.

“They made me a believer, and it’s a really great treatment. I would recommend it.”

At the early stages of his career, Kenny was a coach at both collegiate and high school levels. He spent nearly two decades coaching before joining The Heat in the summer of 1999.

Kenny never gave up playing basketball for his own joy. However, due to severe and painful problems with his knee and toe, he wasn’t able to play freely.

He had been experiencing ongoing swelling of his knee for a long time, and it caused him to drastically adjust his movements to reduce the impact on the knee. As a result of the discomfort, he felt he needed to do something.

Kenny came to Intuitive Interventions for treatment, and after receiving the RELIEF® therapy, he noticed a tremendous difference. Even after spending long hours standing on his feet, he no longer has swelling in the knee.

“My therapist has been saying I’ve been protecting it when I walk, but they’ve noticed I don’t have the hitch anymore. I was on it a lot the other day and no swelling at all,” says Kenny in his testimonial.

Although Kenny sought Dr. Gautam’s expertise in solving the knee issue, he was assured by Dr. Gautam that he could assist him with another problem that’s been bothering him.

Kenny’s big toe and second toe had crossed entirely. Even though this condition caused no pain, it was incredibly bothersome for Kenny. Numerous surgeons had advised against surgery if there was no affiliated pain. However, upon examining the toe, Dr. Gautam assured Kenny he could straighten it out. After receiving therapy on his toe, Kenny was shocked at the results.

“The doctor saw my toe the other day, and he said: I can straighten it out, and now it’s 85% straightened out. We’re doing the last treatment, and I am so glad I didn’t do surgery.”We’re lucky to have been able to assist Kenny in two challenging areas of his health and wellness. Despite his initial reluctance to trust the reliability of the treatment, Kenny allowed Dr. Gautam to help him enjoy a pain-free life once again.