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From looking at Kirsty after her RELIEF® therapy session with Dr. Abhinav Gautam, it would be impossible to guess that she entered our office plagued by a chronic pain in her left foot.

You probably wouldn’t also guess that prior to her therapy, she was terrified of what was in store for her and anxious as to how much pain it would mean withstanding.

“I was actually so scared coming in and it was just one of the best experiences,” she admitted, clearly taken aback by how the actual experience unfolded.

Kirsty came to us from the down under of Melbourne, Australia looking for a solution to pain that she had spent far too long living with.

After devoting herself for 12 years to raising her two children, Kirsty returned to the working world to run Hair House in Brisbane, Australia, which, understandably, requires significant time spent on foot.

It was imperative for us to be able to solve a long term problem of hers that might impact her work overtime, if not attended to and remedied.

Kirsty was overjoyed at the effectiveness of RELIEF® therapy and applauded Dr. Gautam for his ability to completely improve her foot mobility so quickly.

“Dr. Abhi got in there and did some amazing stuff and I can just move freely for the first time in ages.

It was such a pleasure to be able to take care of someone with such an upbeat and positive demeanor. We’re delighted you thought highly enough of Intuitive Interventions to suggest us to your family and friends. We look forward to the chance to take care of them with the same level of care that we extend to all those who walk through our doors.

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