Laura Aldegeur was hesitant to accept the effectiveness of RELIEF® treatment. Even after reading the outstanding testimonials of past patients, she was unsure of  whether to proceed with a consultation..

However, she decided to visit Intuitive Interventions along with her husband, Joe Aldegeur who saw significant results in his shoulder during his first visit. 

Laura came to Dr. Abhinav Gautam in hopes of returning to activities that she had been prevented from enjoying due to debilitating hip pain.

“I have a tear in my hip labrum which gives me a lot of pain,” she explained. This pain kept her from running, yoga, and most anything requiring physical exertion.

Like many of the patients we see, Laura learned to accept her painful circumstances as a normal part of aging.

We’re glad that she gave us an opportunity to prove that sentiment wrong! After her treatment with the pioneer of RELIEF®, Dr. Gautam, Laura experienced pain relief that caused an immediate internal change for her. 

After living with such extreme physical limitations for so long, Laura initially found it hard to welcome the possibility of real change.

“I was skeptical, but it worked,” she admitted. “I’m going to tell everyone I know about it.”

That’s exactly what she did. Laura couldn’t leave our office without passing along referrals for our life-changing RELIEF® therapy. She was confident it could help others as it helped her.

We’re always so gratified to see our patients walk into our offices transformed both physically and mentally. It was a joy to help Laura return to activity without pain, but even more rewarding was the mindset shift she experienced due to her treatment.

If you are someone like Laura who has tried alternative options that never delivered the results you expected, schedule your consultation today! Today is the day to change your life.