Margaret is a dear patient and friend of Intuitive Interventions who was involved in a horrific car accident, which resulted in the performance of emergency stomach surgery. 

“After the surgery, I noticed a lot of changes in my body,” Margaret shared.

The surgery had left her with internal scar tissue that caused bloating to the point that she would say she looked a few months pregnant. Moreover, the outward scarring added to what was already a very traumatic experience.

Eager to remedy this issue, she consulted with the best cosmetic surgeons in Miami and was told her only recourse was an additional surgery – a tummy tuck – which would leave her with a happy face scar across her stomach. Distraught by the prospect of another surgery and additional scarring, she came to Intuitive Interventions in search of another option after hearing about our office from a good friend.

During Margaret’s initial consultation with Dr. Abhinav Gautam, she was informed that scar tissue was presenting major blockage to her colon, resulting in her bloating and reduced metabolism.

She underwent RELIEF® and her stomach is now flat. Her external scar diminished markedly and her digestive tract began functioning better. Margaret expressed gratitude in her own heartfelt words.  

“Dr. Gautam is incredible and the procedure absolutely changed my life,” she candidly stated.

Margaret was astounded by the simple, non-invasive solution that Intuitive Interventions was able to provide, after being told from multiple sources that a tummy tuck was her only option.

We are so happy to have helped her avoid another invasive surgery and put an end to her pain and suffering. 

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