Mary Lynn was living with nerve pain so bad that it actually prevented her from talking at times. Sadly, the treatments she found prior to RELIEF® were unsuccessful. 

Even after spending over a hundred thousand dollars in shots, she was still in the same boat she started in.

As a former professional dancer and skier, Mary Lynn sustained injuries that she has been paying the price on for more than 16 years.

“It’s frustrating when you’re an athlete because you have all these things you can do when you’re younger and then when you get older you pay for it,” she admitted.

By the time Mary Lynn found Intuitive Interventions, Mary Lynn needed RELIEF® treatment throughout most of her body. “I’ve had everything done from my ankles to my head really,” she explained.

Mary had become so accustomed to living with pain that she didn’t fully comprehend how bad her condition was until she no longer felt it. There was an immediate transformation from her physical state prior to RELIEF® to after.

Dr. Abhinav Gautam reduced her pain more in one session than the combination of procedures she’d had over the past 16 years. Mary was impressed by his expertise and his vast understanding of the human body.

“He’s just an amazing man. He’s an amazing doctor,” she expressed with confidence.

Mary recommended RELIEF® to anyone who suffers from chronic pain. She also endorsed the treatment for those seeking increased mobility. Due to scar tissue, she experienced a loss of mobility in her Achilles tendon brought on by constant skiing. Though she experienced no pain in the area, it was very stiff.

If you have a similar experience with nerve pain, please give us a call today! You don’t deserve to live with pain when there are options available to provide relief. We look forward to welcoming you to our office and taking great care of you.