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A German couple who are currently located in Puerto Rico, Mercedes & Herbert Uhl, visited Intuitive Interventions together, both looking to find an answer to the problematic pain they had been experiencing.

Mercedes complained of lower back pain and knee pain sustained from two volleyball injuries.

Moreover, those injuries seemed to have affected other areas of her body as well, such as her neck.  

It had become stiff and painful to move, causing a popping noise when attempting any rotating movements.

The immediate impact of the procedure on the level of discomfort that Mercedes had endured for years, moved her to the point of tears. The reality of being pain-free was overwhelming for her as she had been facing the same problems for quite some time.

She was faced with the realization that she might be able to resume some of the activities she had been longing for — among those on her list were long runs with her dogs and dancing with her husband. 

She recalls that even simple tasks such as putting on shoes had exacerbated her lower back pain and was noticeably overwhelmed by the effectiveness of RELIEF® therapy.

Herbert had also been experiencing similar issues with his lower back and neck. In addition, he had also been experiencing pain in his ankles as well.

After receiving RELIEF® therapy, Herbert was ecstatic to experience the benefits almost directly following treatment. He felt 10 years younger and was surprised to notice a complete shift in the pain that had followed him with every step. He compared walking on his ankle to “walking on clouds” and noted a day and night difference.

Mercedes & Hebert both came to Int2itive Interventions with their own set of physical problems to solve. Their health and happiness had been impacted due to pain they were both feeling in multiple areas of their bodies.

We’re glad to have played a part in helping this lovely couple get back to what matters most, enjoying those moments in life with one another, free of pain!

Perhaps Mercedes & Herbert will be able to enjoy a night of dancing soon enough. We’re happy to have you back on the dance floor!