Elton Brand is a former professional basketball player who was selected by the Chicago Bulls as the number one draft pick in 1999. Before he joined the Bulls, he played college basketball through which he discovered his passion for this game.

Throughout his career, Brand played Center and Power Forward. Very early in his professional career, Brand established himself as one of the top power forwards of the NBA. He played a significant role in the game of the Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Dallas Mavericks, and Atlanta Hawks. He retired in 2016 when he was with the 76ers, where he currently holds the position of general manager. His numerous accomplishments also include a two-time NBA All-Star with a career average of 16 points and nine rebounds per game.

“I would recommend the RELIEF® therapy to others because of just the way I feel right now. It’s very non-invasive, and I just feel great.”

As a result of the heavy pressure placed on his knees and the variety of sudden movements on the court, Brand experienced severe issues with both knees. He suffered chronic pain from meniscus tears, and he felt discomfort in both knees. In spite of the lateral meniscus repair surgery, Brand still experienced the same pain and was limited in the activities he would engage in regularly.

“I tried standard, regular surgery. They went in with a scope, but it just didn’t improve, so I wanted to try RELIEF® therapy to see if it would give me a shot to get back to my normal lifestyle.

After he had his first treatment with Dr. Gautam, he felt immediate pain relief. Moreover, he felt that his knee started gaining its flexibility back.

“The procedure’s over, and it’s post-procedure. My flexibility has improved already. It’s miraculous because it’s been over ten years since I could be this flexible in this knee as I am right now,” Brand says.

When asked if he would recommend the RELIEF® therapy to anyone, he warmly said that without a doubt, he would recommend Dr. Gautam and the procedure to others. The main reason for this is the fact that the entire experience was painless and took place in the comfort of his own home.

“I didn’t have to get anesthesia, just relaxed on the couch. We had some music. I really like that the procedure was not invasive. I didn’t feel a thing, didn’t have to take anesthesia – I was awake the whole time relaxing on the couch listening to music,” Brand smilingly says.

“I would absolutely do the procedure again if I needed it, maybe my right knee, but the way my left knee feels right now, it doesn’t feel like I’ll need it again. I would recommend the RELIEF® therapy to others because of just the way I feel right now. It’s very non-invasive, and I just feel great,” he concludes.