Phil Gold is a Miami native and accomplished partner of Gold & Gold, P.A. He has built a remarkable reputation of commitment and hard work that has allowed him to succeed beyond his clients’ expectations.

As a result of his outstanding knowledge and expertise, Phil enjoys the most profound respect and acknowledgment of his peers. Moreover, various law publications have featured Phil for his excellent work as a trial lawyer.

Along with his exceptional commitment to his client, Phil also lends his voice to several organizations that reinforce and uphold the jury trial system. One such organization is the Florida Justice Association, where he served seven years on the Board of Directors. As a firm believer in quality education, Phil also travels to speak at seminars to contribute with his profound knowledge and experience.

Phil came to Dr. Abhinav Gautam to receive RELIEF® therapy for his problems with the neck. A while years ago, he had neck surgery, but the issue and the pain didn’t subside.

After only one treatment, Phil was immediately surprised by the differences between the procedure at Intuitive Interventions and his neck surgery.

“This experience was very different from my neck surgery.”

Unlike surgery, RELIEF® therapy is painless, requires no anesthesia, and comes without the downtime typically associated with most procedures. 

For Phil, being able to walk out of the treatment and immediately resume his life was a significant benefit as he understood the lengthy time commitment required by most medical procedures. 

When asked how he felt after receiving RELIEF® therapy, he was surprised at the ease of the process and how quickly it was completed.

“I’m walking out of here. I feel fine, and this was a short procedure from a time perspective.”

We’re happy to have been able to provide relief to the issue you were experiencing promptly. We are thrilled that the RELIEF® therapy allowed you to continue serving your clients and the legal community. Thank you for trusting us with your health!