Shoulder pain and hip tension brought Rafael Carrillo to Intuitive Interventions. His shoulder had been injured in recent months while exercising, leaving him in search of a solution that could alleviate his pain without the invasiveness of surgery.

Rafael had physical expectations of greater mobility and less pain and was offered the chance to actualize this through RELIEF®, which resulted in a dramatic improvement of his symptoms. 

After starting with RELIEF® on one side of his hips, he was impressed by the immediate improvement after walking around and could see the difference between one side and the other.

In comparison to other options like traditional invasive surgeries, Rafael described  RELIEF® as an opportunity to return more quickly to live prior to the injury.

“This one is quick, easy and you’re back to a normal life”

He was so excited about the work of Dr. Abhinav Gautam, that he couldn’t help but spread the word to friends and family who might also be in need of finding a solution to the pain. 

“I’ve already recommended Intuitive Interventions to at least 50 people”

We’re always elated to hear of patients like Rafael that we’re able to impact positively long term.  It’s our pleasure to be able to provide results that inspire our patients to share their stories of healing with others.