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Thevarajah Thampipillai came from Toronto, Canada to Intuitive Interventions after grappling with pain in his left leg for more than 15 years.

As the owner of a jewelry store in Canada, which he runs with his son Johnston, you might imagine that he spends a significant amount of his time standing.

Thevarajah came to Dr. Abhinav Gautam to find a solution that would allow him to fulfill the many roles of a business owner without sacrificing his pain and comfortability.

Dr. Gautam was not just there to offer a solution to Thevarajah’s painful leg, but to listen attentively and guide Thevarajah through the process of RELIEF® therapy every step of the way.  

After receiving two treatments to remedy the pain felt in his left leg, all that Thevarajah could express was gratitude for Dr. Gautam, admitting that after his second treatment he felt “very good”.

It’s always our sincere pleasure to have our patients walk in one way and leave our office feeling and moving like an entirely new person.

We’re glad that we could improve upon Thevarajah’s leg condition, allowing him to make way for plenty of success within his business.

Thanks to him for trusting us to improve his quality of life and restore his leg to a pre-injury state.