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We were happy to meet Tim Angel, from Orange County, California. Tim, who runs the successful iPad case brand, Zugu Cases, found time in his busy schedule to seek relief for the pain he had been experiencing.

He came to Intuitive Interventions with the intention of repairing his right knee – after chronic knee pain that had persisted for as long as he could remember, he made the decision to come to Intuitive Interventions in the hopes of solving an issue that he had been living with for some time.

Dr. Abhinav Gautam treated Tim with the utmost care and respect, a quality for which he has become well known. Through RELIEF® therapy, Tim is feeling better than he was when he came to our offices. He was notably impressed by the efficiency of the procedure and gave his personal endorsement, a testament to its distinct benefits.

The greatest compliment that a patient of ours can give to us is a recommendation to others, but Tim committed to not just telling others, but bringing his family to experience the life-changing effects of RELIEF® therapy.

“I’ll be back 100%, probably going to bring my sister.”

We’re overjoyed that we could take an issue that Tim had been enduring day-to-day and remedy the root of the problem.

When asked about his thoughts on his results, Tim expressed his positive outlook for how his life would be impacted for the better.

“I’m pretty excited that it’s going to be way better”

At Intuitive Interventions, it is our sincerest pleasure to be able to provide our patients with the results they are searching for. We could not be more grateful for patients like Tim who give us an opportunity to improve their quality of life.

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