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Tim Chin came into our office and immediately we took note of his infectious, high energy. He came to Intuitive Interventions dealing with multiple injuries, due in part to his interesting passion for motorcycle racing.

“I’m one of those guys who use my body all the way,” admitted Tim.

An extreme motorcyclist, Tim has been involved with multiple crashes that have resulted in chronic symptoms in his left ankle – he is greeted by each day with a troublesome soreness. Moreover, he’s suffered patellar tendon ruptures in both his right and left knee.

In addition to his affection for injury-prone activities, other lifestyle activities such as weight lifting have also had an impact overtime on his shoulders.

As you might imagine, Tim was experiencing a great deal of pain across his body, all in tandem and persistent.

We were happy to see that after one session of RELIEF® therapy with Dr. Abhinav Gautam, his shoulder felt better and his ankle had increased flexibility. 

Tim likened the complete change in his ankle range of motion to that of a “lube job” because he could move it freely both without pain and the popping noise that had been occurring prior to his visit.

In fact, when compared to his right ankle, the ankle previously considered by Tim to be functioning appropriately, his left ankle was actually in better condition.

Apart from the outstanding results that Tim was able to experience, he was also impressed by the culture of the office and the friendliness of the In2itive Interventions staff.

Through all points of contact, Tim’s experience was characterized by a jovial, relaxed environment, an environment that felt like you were in the company of friends.

“We listened to some great music, it was a totally casual environment.”

Making our patients feel welcomed and comfortable is at the top of our list at In2itive Interventions, which is why we strive to create an ambience that doesn’t feel like an ordinary medical office.

We were happy to provide relief to an energetic and daring individual with such zest for life like Tim. Thanks for trusting us to put an end to the pain in your knees, shoulders, and left ankle.