Tom Best is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Research Director of the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute. He is also a team physician for the University of Miami Hurricanes, as well as the Miami Marlins. As an avid runner, athleticism is at the core of his personal interests.

As a lifelong runner and performance athlete, Mr. Best began to experience pain in his left hip that was inhibiting his ability to continue his active lifestyle.

“As a former high-level athlete, I now suffer from severe left hip arthritis as well as osteoarthritis of the knees. My passion is to continue running. However, as a result of my arthritis, I have a lot of soft tissue problems involving both my knees and my left hip,” says Mr. Best.

Mr. Best’s injuries have prevented him from experiencing what he most enjoys without pain. He came into our offices intrigued by what he had heard about Dr. Gautam’s techniques. Shortly after he met Dr. Gautam, he was willing to try the RELIEF® as he started believing it might alleviate the hip and knee pain.

“I came in this afternoon very intrigued about what I heard previously about the techniques I experienced this afternoon and in short, what occurred in about five minutes was under great professional care and visual feedback actually looking at the ultrasound of my hip.”

During the treatment, Mr. Best analyzed the ultrasound. As a medical professional, he was able to see immediate structural changes in the soft tissue.

“I could see that there were some immediate changes in soft tissue, particularly an abundance of scar tissue and adhesions around the hip capsule, and again, within five minutes, those structures were released.” 

Moreover, Mr. Best was excited about the new range of motion available to him, one that he had not been able to feel in more than 15 years. 

“More importantly for me, in addition to seeing the visual changed on the ultrasound was the fact that I now have a hip range of motion that I probably haven’t had for 15 years or so. It remains to be seen what’s going to happen down the road, but rest assured I will be trying to run tomorrow morning and hopefully pain-free with an improved hip range of motion and quality of life.”

When asked if he was skeptical about this new technique, Mr. Best honestly explained that he wasn’t entirely sure that there will be any results. Based on his extensive research studies in Biomedical Engineering, Mr. Best was slightly skeptical about the ability of the soft tissue to heal that fast. However, he was pleasantly surprised by the changes he saw and experienced.

“In only five minutes, I could see not only structural changes in my hip and my surrounding structures, but also clinically as I noted an increased hip motion,” says Mr. Best.

We’re so happy that we improved Mr. Best’s health and restored his ability to run without pain. We look forward to helping others, like Mr. Best, resume a quality of life that keeps them healthy, happy, and on the run.