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Tony Robbins is a #1 best-selling author, motivational speaker, and possibly the most notable self-help guru of our time. He started his journey in the world of self-development organizing seminars for Jim Rohn and has amassed a loyal following since beginning his own “revival-style” seminars in the 1980s.

In addition to helping millions of people live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life with his coaching programs and training systems, Mr. Robbins is a proud founder of the Anthony Robbins Foundation. Led by his belief that all people deserve better lives, he founded the organization to help youth, homeless, hungry, prisoners, elderly, and imprisoned. Through his partnership with Feeding America, he has provided over 500 million meals in the last five years to those in need.

Today, Mr. Robbins is one of the most sought after life coaches and business strategists. He became famous because of his high-energy and unconventional teaching style, which over the years, has become a signature of the events he hosts across the world.

“Dr. Gautam has created a breakthrough that could change your life.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Robbins has been coping with a terrible neck issue and tension for many years. According to his doctors, he had a calcification that has blocked the flow of blood and oxygen, which severely impacted the energy level in his body.

“There are parts of my body where the tissue built up so hard that I thought it was bone, and it’s just calcification that’s built up. It blocks the flow of lymph, of energy, blood flow, and oxygen,” Mr. Robbins describes in his video testimonial.

After he met Dr. Abhinav Gautam, Mr. Robbins felt like he found a person he can completely trust and let heal his pain and tension. After only one session with Intuitive Interventions, Mr. Robbins felt immense pain relief. Now, several treatments later, he happily says that the calcification has decreased by almost 70% in size.

Thrilled that he no longer feels the tension, he says that he can’t recommend Dr. Gautam and his technique enough.

“I can’t recommend this enough. You got to check this out. It’ll be an amazing change for you.”

“Dr. Abhi, I call him, he’s an extraordinary man, and he has such a brain for technology, but also he has such consciousness and caring. If you’re worried about pain, there’s no pain in this thing. He’s so sensitive in what he does, and the results are miraculous. He’s an incredibly humble man,“ says Mr. Robbins.

Thank you, Mr. Robbins, for allowing Dr. Gautam to help you. The honor of being your friends is entirely ours.