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The founder of Intuitive interventions, Christian Seale, had the pleasure to be a distinguished guest to Rob Murgatroyd’s “Work Hard Play Hard” podcast. As a true believer and practitioner of the Work Hard, Lay Hard philosophy, Christian gladly took the opportunity to share his life-changing experience.

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Christian Seale is the embodiment of the Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy. He’s incredibly smart: He got his undergrad from Brown, his MBA from Harvard, and he’s a Fullbright scholar. But how he thinks and how he solves problems is what really sets him apart. When he had some bad healthcare experiences in the US — and more favorable ones in Columbia — he decided to find a way to make the US system more equitable, efficient, and profitable. 35 companies later he is dominating the medical space and working with people on the cutting edge of medicine. And when it comes to play he’s killing it too. Whether he’s on his boat, traveling to Wimbledon, or speaking at a Tony Robbins event, he is always looking for the edge. You will learn a lot from him. … Learn about: * [04:49] Having a thirst for knowledge * [05:47] Going all-in on healthcare * [09:18] Raising a healthcare VC fund without being an expert * [14:00] The difference between the expectation and reality of selling a business * [19:36] What In2itive Interventions does * [25:05] Who can benefit from the Relief system * [29:02] The expectations of a Harvard graduate * [30:12] The benefit of non-negotiable meditation * [31:47] Listening to listen instead of solving a problem * [33:35] Unplugging for growth in your business * [35:01] The art of letting bad things happen * [37:32] Having a good morning routine * [38:54] Abraham Hicks and manifesting … Link in bio.

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Throughout the conversation with Rob, the founder of the Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy, Christian goes into details of his personal life experiences. He reveals that thirst for knowledge is what brought him to where he is today. Moreover, Christian unfolds why did he decide to go all-in on healthcare, or how did he manage to raise a healthcare VC fun without any expertise in the field.

Furthermore, he dives deeper into the remarkable benefits of the Relief® system. Christian also explains how Intuitive Interventions can improve people’s life by eliminating pain, aches, and mobility issues.

As an investment enthusiast, Christian has experienced numerous turbulences that have taught him valuable lessons. In the interview, Christian kindly explained some of the aspects that have helped him overcome all challenges. He highlighted the benefits of non-negotiable meditation. He also explained why it is vital to have a good morning routine, what is the art of letting bad things happen, and how to unplug for growth in the business.

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Rob Murgatroyd is the founder of Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy that has helped numerous entrepreneurs get out of their day to day routine and 10X their businesses. Work Hard Play Hard is a progressive point of view on work-life balance. After fulfilling astonishing business achievements, Rob got to a point where he once again felt that his life was out of balance. That was the critical moment that helped Rob to open his eyes and master the counter-balance between the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. As a result, his new Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy, was born.

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