the issue may be in your soft tissue!


Have you been told that steroid injections, PRP, stem cells or invasive surgery are your only options to treat your knee issues? RELIEF® provides an alternative that eliminates stubborn scar tissue to increase your mobility, frees nerves from entrapment to reduce your pain and catalyzes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The best part: no surgery, medication, stem cells or downtime.


You probably know several people whose knee surgeries provided only a modest improvement in mobility — along with many months of difficult rehab. The fact is, for many knee conditions such as osteoarthritis, torn meniscus or ACL, and other degenerative problems, the state of the connective tissue and entrapped nerves could well be the cause of an individual’s discomfort, inflammation, and decreased range of motion. Options such as steroid injections or invasive surgery leave much to be desired – and post-surgical recovery is often lengthy and painful and may lead to other problems and not fully address the root cause of the biomechanical issue. RELIEF® may be used to treat the injured, painful, or poorly functioning knee and return you to a healthy and pre-injury state without invasive surgery or downtime.

Conditions Treated


ACL and PCL are injuries of the connective tissue in the knee. An ACL tear is the tearing of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which connects the upper leg bone (femur) and lower leg bone (shin). A PCL tear is a tear of the Posterior Cruciate Ligament, which is located within the knee joint where it stabilizes the articulating bones, particularly the femur and the tibia, during movement. An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can cause substantial difficulty with basic mobility and function and is especially common among athletes. ACL surgeries attach a tissue graft taken from somewhere else at a steeper angle than the original tendon which causes more compression on the cartilage in the knee and may increase the chance of osteoarthritis and leave the knee forever altered.
RELIEF® may be used to restore the poorly functioning tissue to a healthy and pre-injury state and return you to proper biomechanical function without invasive surgery or downtime.


Osteoarthritis of the knee is characterized by the breakdown of connective tissues that lead to chronic pain, stiffness, limited function, and decreased mobility, all of which can have a significant impact on daily life.
As knee osteoarthritis progresses, total knee replacement is the most common treatment. RELIEF® may be used to restore the damaged connective tissue to a healthy and pre-injury state and return you to proper biomechanical function without invasive surgery or downtime.


A meniscus injury is a tear of the cartilage located in the front of the knee, which serves to cushion the joint. These connective tissue injuries often occur from sports and other fitness activities and may be the result of traumatic blows to or twisting of the knee. These injuries often result in inflammation, discomfort and in some cases instability. The common intervention is a surgery in which a portion of the meniscus is cut away, which may harm the integrity of the knee and can increase the occurrence of osteoarthritis.
RELIEF® may be used to restore the poorly functioning tissue to a healthy and pre-injury state to address the underlying knee issue and return you to proper biomechanical function without invasive surgery or downtime.

What It Is

RELIEF® is a minimally-invasive treatment designed to catalyze your body’s natural ability to heal. We do not perform surgery. We do not mask symptoms with medication, cortisone, or other steroids. We do not use stem cells.
The treatment utilizes dynamic ultrasound 3D mapping and ScarMap™ imaging software to identify soft tissue abnormalities and locate entrapped nerves across the interstitial layer. Under ultrasound guidance, the treatment frees nerves from entrapment, eliminates scar tissue, and restores the anatomy to its pre-injury state.

What It Does

The treatment employs specialized needles to hydrodissect stiff and scarred tissue and free nerves from entrapment to surrounding connective tissue. FDA registered and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved growth factors, collagens, extracellular proteins naturally found in human placental tissues are administered to reduce inflammation, inhibit scar formation, and support tissue regeneration.
Patients remain completely awake and engaged during the entire treatment and may experience symptom alleviation as soon as 1-10 days with continued improvement over the following weeks and months.

What To Expect

Usually about 24-48 hours after the procedure, patients are able to return to their favorite activities. No immobilization, bracing or other inconvenience post-treatment is required. Movement and light active recovery are recommended.